• Violations of pet-related regulations are punishable by $25 per pet per incident
  • Violations of parking/snow removal regulations are punishable by $25 per vehicle per incident

Condominium Monthly Fees

The base monthly fee (1.0% of Common Interest (CI)) effective April 1, 2016: $259.08

The monthly fees per type of unit are as follows:

  • End units (1.000% CI)- $259.08
  • Portico units (0.775% CI) - $200.79
  • Standard units (0.740% CI) - $191.72

If you're still unsure how much you owe please use the tool below:

Unit #: 49 - 176
Your monthly fee is:

Condominium Fees Payment Methods

NOTE: Condominium fees and fines are due on the 15th of each month.

There are two ways you can pay your condominium fees:

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